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2400 x 1200 x 12.5mm Foil Backed Plasterboard Tapered Edge
2400 x 1200 x 12.5mm Foil Backed Plasterboard Tapered Edge

2400 x 1200 x 12.5mm Foil Backed Plasterboard Tapered Edge

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Foil Backed Plasterboard 2400 x 1200mm

Foilback Plasterboard 12.5mm available with a tapered edge. Used for wall and ceiling linings where vapour control and a plasterboard lining are required in one fixing operation.

We can also supply the same foil lined plasterboard in square edge or smaller 1800 x 900 x 12.5mm sheets.

If you live in any of the postcodes highlighted in the map shown in the thumbnail image, please get in touch as we can offer better prices in these areas.

Also known as Duplex Plasterboard, Vapour Panel, Vapour check Plasterboard and Vapour Board. Foil backed plasterboard 12.5mm is a building material that combines the familiar gypsum plasterboard with a thin layer of reflective Silver metallised polyester film on the back. This seemingly simple addition makes a big difference, transforming the board into a powerful vapour barrier. On the opposite side, there is an ivory paper face which is suitable for the application of plaster or direct decoration providing suitable preparation has taken place.

Sheets have a thermal conductivity 0.19W/mK.

How do Vapour Plasterboards work?

Moisture in the form of water vapour is constantly on the move in our homes. It migrates from warm, moist areas like kitchens and bathrooms towards cooler, drier spaces like external walls and lofts. This can lead to condensation, damp, and even mould growth.

The foil acts as a shield, reflecting and blocking the passage of this moisture. It prevents the vapour from reaching the colder parts of the wall, effectively stopping condensation from forming. This not only protects the building fabric but also creates a healthier indoor environment.

Foil Backed Plasterboard Uses:

12.5 mm Duplex Plasterboard is particularly useful in:

• External walls: Especially in well-insulated homes where the temperature difference between inside and outside is greater.
• Bathrooms and kitchens: To combat the high humidity levels in these rooms.
• Loft conversions: Where warm living space meets the cold roof.

Things to consider when using Foil Plasterboard:

Ventilation is key

While foil backed plasterboard helps to control moisture, it's important to ensure adequate ventilation in your home to allow excess moisture to escape.

Sealing is essential

Joints and penetrations in the plasterboard need to be properly sealed to maintain the effectiveness of the vapour barrier.

Not a standalone solution

Foil backed plasterboard is not a substitute for proper insulation or damp proofing measures.

Overall, foil backed plasterboard is a versatile and effective building material that can help to create a drier, healthier, and more energy-efficient home.


What type of 12.5 mm Foil Backed Plasterboard will I receive?

The type of board supplied would be either Knauf Vapour Panel, British Gypsum Duplex or Siniat Vapourcheck. If the manufacturer is important, please get in touch prior to making a purchase and we will advise which type of board will be provided.

PDF link to technical specifications

For full details of delivery charges, returns, colour variations, and discounts please see our delivery & returns policy.

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