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Insulation & Damp Proofing

Keep any building warm, dry, energy efficient and fire and sound proofed with our large selection of insulation and damp proofing products. These panels, rolls and membranes use the latest technology to protect and insulate your building effectively and efficiently, and are hand selected by our very own industry experts.

Here you’ll find a selection of products from leading brands like Kingspan, Celotex and Rockwool, all at competitive prices. Our sales team also offer discounts for large orders.

Our Insulation and Damp Proofing Products

The insulation and damp proofing materials below have a range of purposes, densities and sizes to suit every need. Kingspan is one of the leading brands in thermal insulation, offering plasterboard panels with optimal thermal conductivity and no condensation risk. Kingspan panels are available in different pack sizes, and are suited to wall, ceiling or floor use.

Rockwool’s insulation range includes rolls, as well as the brand’s unique acoustic ‘Flexi’ slabs. Knauf’s DriTherm Cavity slabs benefit from a water-repellent additive, giving the glass thermal wool the water proofing properties of a membrane or rigid insulation board. We even sell jointing tape, foil tape and cavity closers, so you can order everything you need for your job in one easy place.

Whether you’re looking for Kingspan panels for cavity wall insulation, a Rockwool insulation roll for your roof space or a thin polythene membrane for reducing damp, our nationwide network of distribution centres can meet any requirement.

We have experts on hand seven days a week to help source the perfect supplies and provide tips so your project goes without a hitch. Whether you’re in the trade or simply insulating your own home, make Buildershop your first choice.