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DIY Trend: A Rising Culture

Harness bespoke skills for home improvements, save money and the environment. Join the UK's growing DIY culture for unique, eco-friendly creations. 

A DIY culture has sprung up in the UK propelled by the recession, rising living costs and a trend for the bespoke. A recent survey carried out by HSBC bank indicated that 73% of Brits were more likely to ‘make do and mend’ in the coming months. Indeed, many people are embracing traditional skills and crafts so they can make the things they want or need and save money. Home improvements are amongst the popular DIY trends, with many people choosing to tackle the job themselves instead of hiring in a professional.

The environment and you

There are many environmental and personal benefits to DIY. We live in a throwaway age; when something breaks it’s quickly replaced with something new. Mass-manufacturing and overflowing landfill sites are taking their toll on the environment. By fixing things instead of throwing them away we can help to reduce the environmental pressure. We can also recycle materials such as wood and metal by using DIY skills to transform them into something useful. This is a very eco-friendly alternative to buying new materials.

DIY is great for your wallet too. It’s often cheaper than hiring someone to do the job for you or buying something new. Of course, every item you create or fix will be completely bespoke and unique to you, which is a benefit in itself. The rising fashion for custom-made pieces means you can reproduce designer style for DIY prices and be the envy of all your friends.

Skills and satisfaction

Part of the popularity of DIY is the sense of satisfaction that comes from fixing or making something yourself. As those who already embrace this trend will tell you, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the fruits of your labour. There’s no limit to the things you can do, from basic plumbing and plastering to building your own furniture and fixing up a laptop. The possibilities are endless. If you need to learn how to wire a plug or unblock a pipe you’ll find hundreds of step-by-step tutorials on the internet. There are also classes and workshops around the country to teach you more complex skills such as electronics, woodworking and pottery.

Tools of the trade

Being prepared is the first step in any DIY project. Whether you’re putting together flat pack furniture or grouting tiles, you’ll need a good working knowledge of the process and a well-equipped tool kit. Before you start any new task, be sure to undertake plenty of research. Head to a reputable source and compare their advice against others’ to see if they agree on the best process to take. If possible, take a test run first to practice technique and build confidence. Finally, if you’re in any doubt or believe the job is beyond your capabilities, call in the professionals. Botching the job will lead to very expensive repair work.

Your tool kit will be an essential part of your DIY endeavours. You’ll need the right tools for the job, so a wide selection of quality gear will ensure you’re prepared. We have tools for all your DIY and building needs at extremely low prices. With Buildershop you can make sure you’re prepared for any job without spending a fortune.