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The products everyone wants to get their hands on this summer...

Stay ahead with our top 5 building materials that are essential for your projects this summer, from concrete mixers to sleek paving stones. 

Despite the unprecedented brick shortage this year, Britain’s passion for building is as strong as ever, and we’ve seen demand spike in recent weeks for these five products – our summer 2014 best-sellers:


1. The Belle 150 Concrete Mixer

Belle 150 Concrete MixerBoth trade and DIYers have been busy mixing mortar and concrete this summer. Sturdy and reliable, it makes mixing easy and ranks in the Buildershop top 5 again, for the second year running.

Click for further information on the Belle 150 Concrete Mixer


2. Garden Slate

Plum Slate Chippings

Plum slate chippings

Blue Slate Chippings

Blue slate chippings

The weather’s been great for gardeners so far this summer, and you’re out making the most of it by brightening up your outdoor space with our blue and plum slate. It’s perfect for surrounding your plants and brightening pathways and driveways.

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3. (and 4.) Traditional and Contemporary Paving Stones

Old Riven Paving

Old Riven Paving

It seems more of you feel it’s time to get your patio looking great so you can enjoy more of this fabulous sunshine!

Our Old Riven paving has made the top 5 this year, giving you a traditional look that complements many different garden styles, with plenty of sizes and a beautiful circular option. Not forgetting that it’s also great value for money!

View the full Old Riven paving range here

Panache Paving

Contemporary Panache Paving

Many of you are opting for the more contemporary Panache paving, which gives a sleeker finish that looks fantastic with modern planting.

Panache Paving options can all be viewed here


5. Celotex and Kingspan insulation

Kingspan InsulationKingspan InsulationCelotex Insulation

Although not exactly a summer product, demand for insulation is higher than ever, due to the increase in building work around the country. This has even lead to Celotex having to extend their usual 3-4 day lead time to two weeks, and Kingspan’s Thermawall, Thermafloor and Thermapitch insulation is going out of the warehouse as soon as it comes in.

Kingspan and Celotex Insulation to keep your building warm dry, energy efficient and sound-proofed

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