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150mm Kingspan TF70 Thermafloor Insulation 2400 x 1200mm

150mm Kingspan TF70 Thermafloor Insulation 2400 x 1200mm

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2400 x 1200mm Foil faced Kingspan 150mm PIR Floor Insulation Board

Kingspan ThermaFloor TF70 PIR insulation 150mm is primarily used as an insulation board for solid concrete and suspended ground floors.

PIR insulation - the benefits:

  • High performance rigid thermoset insulation –
    thermal conductivity 0.022 W/m.K
  • Conforms to Robust Details standards
  • Insulation of pipes and tanks is unnecessary
  • No condensation risk


Multi-purpose 150mm insulation boards

Kingspan TF70 150mm PIR insulation is a high performance rigid thermoset insulation which can also be used for lots of other applications such a lining walls in between battens and insulating floors; both timber and concrete. 150mm Thermafloor TF70 is the sister product of Kingspan TP10  and Kingspan TW55 - same specification just referred to with different names for use in different applications.

How can I cut PIR insulation?

Cutting 150mm TF70 Kingspan is a fairly simple task. You can use a regular handsaw to achieve the perfect fit, even in tricky areas. Remember to fill any gaps with expanding urethane sealant to prevent drafts and cold spots. For thinner boards (around 50mm or less), a sharp knife will create a cleaner cut with less mess. Due to potential dust, wearing safety gear, especially a dust mask, is highly recommended!

The technical stuff!

Amongst building insulation options today, PIR (polyisocyanurate) stands out for its exceptional thermal efficiency. Unlike some foam insulations, PIR doesn't melt under heat. This is because PIR is a thermoset plastic, created by combining polyols and isocyanurates. Thermoset materials permanently lock into a rigid structure, making them strong and heat-resistant. This translates to superior thermal insulation compared to materials like polystyrene, which melt when heated and lose their insulting ability..

Unlike many other organic products where performance is largely a function of geology, geography, processing and orientation, PIR can be precisely engineered from first principles to achieve specific and repeatable performance characteristics.

PIR starts as a liquid mixture of polyols and isocyanates. As these chemicals react, they create a wet foam that hardens and locks into its final shape. This precise process allows manufacturers to create insulation sheets with consistent thickness and minimal variation.

Is PIR Insulation waterproof?

Ultimately, yes. While PIR boasts minimal water absorption due to its closed-cell structure, prolonged outdoor exposure is still not recommended. This can damage the edges and cause discoloration. If PIR gets wet, simply allow it to dry naturally indoors before installation.

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