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Tarmacadam / Asphalt

At Buildershop UK we can supply a range of specialist asphalt products in addition to the British/European standardised asphalts.

Standardised product range includes: 

  • base courses 
  • binder courses 
  • surfacing courses including hot rolled asphalt
  • pre-coated chippings

These products are used in major building, construction and transportation projects as well the domestic markets. The materials we supply are suitable for all types of surfaces including motorways, roads, car parks, household driveways, pavements and sports surfaces.

Asphalt is supplied in full 20 tonne loads. Any quantity, to the nearest tonne below this can be supplied but will incur a 'not carried' charge. I.E. on a 14 tonne load, you would be charged for 14 tonne of asphalt and 6 tonne capacity of empty wagon space.

With over 50 products in the specialist asphalt range, please contact us on 01274 602367 or sales@buildershoponline.co.uk where we'll be happy to get you the best price possible.