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100mm 7n Medium Density Blocks

100mm 7n Medium Density Blocks

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100mm Breeze Blocks 7n (Per M2)

The blocks measure 440x215x100mm and are sold per m2 (10 blocks)

7N Medium Dense Blocks (actually 7.3N/mm2) are a type of concrete block that is made with a lightweight aggregate, such as expanded clay or perlite. This gives the blocks a density of around 1350-1400 kg/m3, which is slightly lower than that of solid concrete blocks, but still high enough for them to be used in load-bearing applications.

Medium Density Blocks, also known as Breeze Blocks, Cinder Blocks or Clinker Blocks have a number of advantages over other types of concrete blocks. They are lighter than Solid Concrete Blocks, making them easier to handle and transport. They also have better thermal insulation properties, which can help to reduce heat loss in buildings. Additionally, 100mm Medium Density Blocks are less likely to crack than solid concrete blocks, making them a more durable option.

Breeze Blocks are commonly used in a variety of applications, including:

• Internal and external walls
• Foundations
• Piers
• Partition walls
• Sheds
• Garages
• Infil between Concrete Floor Beams

When choosing Medium Density Concrete Blocks, it is important to consider the load-bearing requirements of the application. Blocks with a higher compressive strength (N/mm2) will be able to support more weight. It is also important to choose blocks that are compatible with the type of mortar that will be used.

Overall, blocks that are 7N medium duty are a versatile and durable option for a variety of building applications. They offer a good balance of strength, weight, and thermal insulation properties.

Here are some additional details about 7N Medium Density Breeze Blocks:

• They are typically made in 2 sizes - 100mm & 140mm thick.
• They can be used with a variety of finishes, including plasterboard (with correct adhesive), plaster, render, and brick veneer.
• They are resistant to fire and pests.
• They are relatively easy to cut and work with.
• Easy to fix in to.

Breeze Blocks technical details:


• Size of block face: 440 x 215mm
• Weight of block: 14.1kg
• Laid weight of block (per m2): 152kg
• Thermal conductivity (internal skin): 0.57 W/mK
• Thermal conductivity (external skin): 0.62 W/mK

If you are considering using these blocks in your next building project, be sure to consult with a qualified contractor to ensure that you are using the right blocks for the job.

Please note, blocks of this type may not be available in certain areas of the country due to lack of demand. If we cannot complete your order a full refund will be given if an alternative cannot be found.

A surcharge will payable for deliveries inside the M25 region. This also applies to postcode prefixes HP, AL, CB, IP, NR, PE, CM, SS, ME, DA, CT, TN, RH, GU, SL, RG, OX, SP, BH, SO, PO, BN, LU, SG, CO  This is due to the fact that the costs to these areas are higher than the rest of the UK. Please contact us before ordering to discuss.

PDF link to techincal specification and large image

For full details of delivery charges, returns, colour variations, and discounts please see our delivery & returns policy.

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