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Beam and Block Floor - Concrete Floor Beams

Concrete Floor Beam Systems, also known as 'beam and block floor' and 'pot and beam' floors are great way to install a floor quickly.

Easy to handle, quick to install 

Beams and blocks can be easily handled by forklifts or cranes. Smaller lengths can be manually handled, risk assessment permitting.

Simple all weather form of construction
There is no need to worry about frost damage to floors.

Provides immediate working platform
No need to wait for concrete slabs to cure. Grouted floors form an immediate platform to work from.

Draught proof, rot proof and fire resisting
The durability of solid concrete, but as simple to install as timber.

Good thermal insulation
Insulation requirements by Building Regulations are easily achieved.

What floor beam dimensions would I need?

The dimensions of the beams depends on the manufacturer and which part of the UK they're being delivered to. Typical concrete floor beam dimensions (height x width) are:

• 175 x 106mm

• 175 x 100mm

• 175 x 160mm

• 225 x 150mm

• 150 x 215mm

• 225 x 135mm

• 150 x 135mm

• 225 x 135mm

With beam and block floors, the wider and deeper beams are required to cover longer clear spans. Once working drawings have been received, a full structural calculation is done which then produces a site plan drawing detailing the number of each type of beam required along with their length and positions. If you have specific requirements for your concrete floor beam dimensions, just let us know and we'll do our best to help.

With structural design is in accordance with BS8110. The concrete cover to the reinforcement is such that a moderate exposure condition as described in BS8110 is satisfied. All jobs are supplied with a layout drawing. Full working calculations can be provided for building control.

Whether you need concrete floor beams in Yorkshire where we are based or if you're in need of a national delivery at highly competitive rates, please use the 'contact us' link at the top of this page. There, you can send us your details and we'll get a quote back to you within 2/3 working days maximum.