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215mm 7n Hollow Concrete Blocks

215mm 7n Hollow Concrete Blocks

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215mm 7n Hollow Concrete Building Blocks (Per M2)

The blocks measure 440x215x215mm and are sold per m2 (10 blocks)

215mm 7N Hollow Concrete Blocks are a type of building material that is used in a variety of applications, including load-bearing walls, cavity walls, and partition walls. They are made of concrete that has been hollowed out to create a series of voids, which reduces the overall weight of the block while still maintaining its strength. This makes them easier to handle and transport than the old 215mm solid blocks.

Product benefits:

• High compressive strength makes them suitable for load-bearing walls

• Cavity walls can be built with them to improve thermal performance

• Fire-resistant with Class A0 fire rating

• Sound insulation: The hollow chambers in the concrete blocks help to reduce sound transmission, making them a good choice for use in buildings where noise pollution is a concern.

Hollow Concrete Blocks are typically used for any construction project where strength is a priority. In order to make load-bearing walls using 215mm Hollows, the holes will need to be filled with both reinforcement bars, known as rebars, and a pourable grade of ready-mixed concrete. Rebars are lengths of steel that when encapsulated in concrete, reinforce the wall to ensure long-term performance. This will lead to a sturdy and consistent overall build. For locations where high strength is needed, such as retaining walls, Hollow Concrete Blocks offer the perfect solution.

If you are considering using 215mm 7N hollow concrete blocks in your next project, be sure to consult with a qualified contractor or structural engineer to ensure that they are the right choice for your needs.

Please note these blocks may not be available in certain areas of the country due to lack of demand. If we cannot complete your order a full refund will be given if an alternative can not be found.

For full details of delivery charges, returns, colour variations, and discounts please see our delivery & returns policy.

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