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Posi-Joist™ Engineered Floor Joists

Metal Web Joist - endless design possibilities

The Posi-Joist™ system allows building designers the freedom to have a variety of internal room layouts without the constraints of solid and other engineered timber joists.

The combination of timber and steel gives the perfect balance between weight and strength which provides strong, lightweight joists that can be used to span much wider openings than traditional timber. Coupled with this, the use of metal web joists means that services for plumbing, electrical and ventilation can be easily routed through the joists without the need for awkward cutting and drilling. Posi-Joist™ are perfect to use when a mechanical ventilation and heating recovery system is to be installed.

What are the benefits of Posi Floor Joists?

• Speeds up floor construction
• Easy installation of services thanks to unique metal web design
• Eliminates need for additional drilling and cutting
• Dimensionally stable
• Wide fixing flange
• Available in a range of depths

Metal Web Joists FAQ:

Are Posi Beams expensive?

At first glance, the cost of Posi Joist Floor may seem expensive when compared to standard timber joists. This is not always the case. Consideration needs to be given to the possibility of reduced joists centres and therefore less material; larger spans that can do away with expensive masonry supporting walls and the speed of installation. All these things alongside the floor being engineered to exacting standards means the cost differences aren't always something to worry about in the grand scheme of things.

Can Metal Web Joists be used on roofs?

Yes. Ultimately the design principles remain the same as when designing a floor system. The main difference being that different loading weights, for example snow are taken in to account at the design stage.

What sizes do Posi Floor Joists come in?

Standard sizes for Posi-Joist™ are:

• 202mm deep
• 225mm deep
• 253mm deep
• 304mm deep
• 373mm deep
• 421mm deep​

The sizes of the joists supplied depends on the clear span and loading on the floor or roof. This is all taken in to account when the details of the buildings' construction is added to the design system. A full site plan will then be provided which will determine what size and length of joist go in a particular position.

Can I get Metal Web Joists delivered?

With national delivery at highly competitive rates, please contact us for all your metal web joist requirements. Send us your details and we'll get a quote back to you as soon as possible. Please note during busy periods, prices can take up to a week to be collated due to the bespoke nature of the jobs involved.

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