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2800 Litres Septic Tank  - 5 Population

2800 Litres Septic Tank - 5 Population

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2800 Litre Septic Tank for 5 Person

When connection to a mains sewer isn't practical, septic tanks are worth considering. They not only solve the practical problems of storing sewage for tens of thousands of homes, they disperse the treated water in a way safe to the environment.

What size Septic Tank do I need?

This depends on how many people are using property and not how many live there. Naturally, the bigger the property, the more toilets, sinks and showers there will be. As a starting point, British Water state in their Flows and Loads guide that a 3 bedroom property would need a 5 population septic tank. This would therefore be a 2800 litre unit. For every bedroom added, the population capacity of the septic tank would then increase by 1.

If there is more than 1 dwelling on the site then the properties should be sized indiviually and then combined.

Available in a variety of sizes to suit your application, there is something available for most size properties.

How do septic tanks work?

Similar in use to a cesspit tank apart from the collected effluents are treated using a simple process which allows the wastewater to flow to the surrounding ground areas through a network of drainage pipes. Cesspit tanks are sealed units that collects and stores sewage and wastewater. It is not connected to any sort of drainage system and must be emptied regularly by a professional. 

Our 2800 litre Septic Tanks are designed to meet both the installation requirements and the standards of discharge specified by BS 6297:1983.

Each unit achieves a high degree of settlement, producing a quality effluent for discharge to a land drainage system.

5 person septic tank specifications:

This standard onion shaped septic tank is suitable for up to 5 people or a 1-3 bedroom property.

• 1.0 metre invert depth
• Height = 2.780 metres
• Diameter = 1.870 metres
• Inlet Invert = 1.000 metres
• Outlet Invert = 1.040 metres
• Inlet/Outlet Diameter = 110mm

Comes with pedestrian duty lid and frame as standard.

Shallow dig tanks are also available.

Key points to remember when considering a 5 person septic tank:

Is it big enough?

Based on the calculations detailed above, it is important to take into account that this is the minimum size so always round up to the next size if capacity is a concern.

Is there sufficient room for the drainage?

As the tanks wastewater will need to drain through a network of pipes, it is important to have enough space in the area where the tank will be situated.

Do I need premission to use a septic tank?

When installing a new septic tank in either a residential or commercial setting, obtaining approval from your local authority is necessary. However, if you're just swapping out an existing tank, no additional permission is required.

How are 2800 litre septic tanks delivered?

Delivery is made by flat bed vehicles without crane off-load.



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Think you may be better off with a Treatment Plant system? Please click on our blog article to help you decide.

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