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VELUX TLR 0K10 2010 10 Inch Diameter Rigid Sun Tunnel For Slate

VELUX TLR 0K10 2010 10 Inch Diameter Rigid Sun Tunnel For Slate

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TLR 0K10 2010 10" Diameter Rigid Sun Tunnel For Slate Up To 8mm Thick

Adding natural light can have a positive impact on the value and feel of your home. This is even more so the case when you have bathrooms, hallways and any other rooms that doesn’t see the light of day until a door is opened. Even then, these windowless rooms can be unwelcoming until the lights are switched on.


How do they work?

VELUX TLR 0K10 Rigid Sun Tunnels are installed in pitched roofs between 15° - 60° and have similar installation process to VELUX Roof Windows. They have a rigid tunnel that extends through the loft space and connects to a white trimmed double layer acrylic ceiling diffuser. As the tunnel is highly reflective, the sun’s rays are then drawn in to the area that needs brightening up.

The glazing also benefits from Clear and Clean coating which reduces the amount of cleaning required for longer periods.


Product Features


• Super reflective coating along the interior of the tunnel provides a 98% internal reflection rate.

• An easy-to-assemble diffuser kit comes complete with a frosted acrylic insulating pane and a standard, white ceiling trim ring.

• Integrated polyurethane flush frame with 4mm toughened glass with clear and clean coating on the outside. Frame with integrated, grey aluminium, flush flashing for installation in flat roofing material and with black polyurethane flashing and non-lead bottom flashing section for installation in profiled roofing material. Sash in ASA (ABS plastic), 4 mm toughened glass and stay-clean coating on the outside

• Two elbow joints and one telescopic tunnel of 620x2mm – all in rigid material with a diameter of 25cm/10". The rigid tunnel and bends have a super reflective coating allowing an internal reflexion of 98%.

For added piece of mind, all VELUX Sun Tunnels are covered by a 10 years manufacturer’s guarantee.


Choosing the correct Sun Tunnel


• VELUX recommends rigid Sun Tunnel for maximum light.

• Recommended tunnel length for Sun Tunnel 0.9 - 6.0 metres (1.85 metres of tunnel supplied, additional length made up of ZTR extension sections).

• Flexible Sun Tunnels are recommended for tunnel lengths of 0.4 – 1.5 metres (2.0 metres supplied) in cases where a rigid installation would be more difficult due to an obstacle in the loft space.

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