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47 x 175mm Treated Timber C16/C24 Graded Kiln Dried and Regged

47 x 175mm Treated Timber C16/C24 Graded Kiln Dried and Regged

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7x2 Treated Timber C16/C24 Grade

Also referred to as 7 x 2 treated wood or 2 x 7 treated timber, this relates to the old imperial sizes of 7 inch by 2 inch and 2 inch by 7 inch. Sold by the stated nominal size of 47 x 175mm, the actual finished size of the rough sawn treated timber is around 45 x 170mm but may vary slightly. The process of regularising (regged) gives a smoother edge that takes 5mm from nominal width and 2mm from the nominal thickness. Slightly rounded edges on the lengths, achieved after the process, improve handling

C16 Treated Timber v C24 Treated Timber, what is the difference?

Need wood for structural support? Kiln-dried softwood like C16 and C24 are popular choices, but understanding their differences is key to a successful project.

Quality & Strength:

Grading acts like a strength ranking. C24, the top performer, excels with exceptional strength and near-perfect appearance. C16, a close second, offers solid strength with possible minor imperfections.


Need maximum muscle? C24's your champion, ideal for heavy-duty projects like beams or load-bearing walls. C16, while sturdy, works best for less demanding tasks like stud walls or internal structures.

Don't forget:

Both grades are durable for construction. The key lies in matching the specific needs of your project with the strengths and characteristics of each grade.

Things to consider that effect grading:

• Knots - More knots mean less strength
• Insect damage or woodworm holes
• Shakes or splits along the grain of the wood
• Slope of the grain
• Wane - bark or a lack of wood fibre on the edge of a piece of lumber

7 x 2 Treated Timber C24 is visually graded and is therefore a higher quality product.

Owing to increasing demand, most areas of the UK will now supply C24 graded timber. In some regions though, 7 x 2 C16 timber will be supplied. If you have a specific requirement, please check before buying.

What is 7 x 2 Treated Timber used for?

Don't underestimate its size. C24 7x2 treated timber offers impressive tensile strength, ideal for structural applications such as:

• Stud walling

• Timber rafters

• Roof joists

• Floor joists

• Heavy duty furniture building

7x2 pressure treated timber is also perfect for treated decking joists.

If you need to know more about 7x2 rough sawn treated timber, we have great timber for roofing blog.

If you're planning on using 2x7 treated timber for 175mm floor joists, care must be taken to ensure the clear spans are suitable to take the required load. If you're not sure, check the Span Table.

What lengths are available in 47 x 175 treated timber?

Sizes listed in the drop-down menu are:

• 7x2 treated timber 2.4m
• 7x2 treated timber 3m
• 7x2 treated timber 3.6m
• 7x2 treated timber 4.2m
• 7x2 treated timber 4.8m
• 7x2 treated timber 5.4m
• 7x2 treated timber 6m

**Please note, all sizes in the menu may not be available as it depends on regional stock. If you require any length over 4.8mtr, please contact us before making a purchase as longer lengths are only available from selected locations.**

If there is any issues with the lengths purchased, you will be contacted within 1 working day to discuss the options.

2 x 7 treated timber in mm is considered to be 47 x 175mm but as previously mentioned the actual size C16/C24 treated timber supplied would finish around 45 x 170mm.

Don't want treated timber 7x2? For treated timber supplies across the whole of the UK, Buildershop can help source most sizes and grades. By clicking on C16 Kiln Dried Graded Timber - Treated you'll see the most common sizes. If the size you require isn't listed on our website, please get in touch and we'll be happy to try and help.

For full details of delivery charges, returns, colour variations, and discounts please see our delivery & returns policy.

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