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Aggregates - Bulk Bag

Bulk bagged aggregates - bags weighing a minimum of 800kg.

As you'd expect from any leading building materials supplier, bulk bags are a very popular product.

What type of aggregates are available?


10mm and 20mm. Both have many uses including ground cover for drives and paths, drainage and landscaping projects.


Generally used for making concrete for various applications but can also be used as a fill material.

Building Sand

Perfect for laying bricks and blocks, pointing and rendering.

Mot Type 1

Used to form sub bases for roads, drives, paths and bridleways but also used for general fill.

Plastering Sand

As the name suggests, this finer grained sand is used for plastering/rendering on to masonry.

Sharp Sand

Also known as grit sand, concreting sand and coarse sand, the larger sized grains make it the perfect choice for jobs where extra strength is important.

10mm Gravel Shingle Bulk Bag Jumbo Bag

10mm Pea Gravel, also commonly referred to as 10mm Pea Shingle What is referred to as Pea Gr..

From: £53.50 (EX. VAT)

£53.50 (EX. VAT) | £64.20 (INC. VAT)

20mm Ballast Bulk Bag Jumbo Bag

Mixed Sand and Gravel, also commonly referred to as Ballast. is supplied in bulk bags weighi..

From: £53.50 (EX. VAT)

£53.50 (EX. VAT) | £64.20 (INC. VAT)

20mm Gravel Shingle Bulk Bag Jumbo Bag

20mm Gravel, also commonly referred to as 20mm Shingle Actual size of the stone vary from 10..

From: £53.50 (EX. VAT)

£53.50 (EX. VAT) | £64.20 (INC. VAT)

Building Sand Bulk Bag Jumbo Bag

Building Sand, also commonly referred to as Builders Sand Is supplied in bulk bags weighing ..

From: £53.50 (EX. VAT)

£53.50 (EX. VAT) | £64.20 (INC. VAT)

MOT Type 1 Sub Base Bulk Bag Jumbo Bag

Type 1 Aggregate Bulk bag MOT Type 1 supplied in bags with a minimum weight of 800kg. MOT..

From: £53.70 (EX. VAT)

£53.70 (EX. VAT) | £64.44 (INC. VAT)

Plastering Sand Rendering Sand Bulk Bag Jumbo Bag

Plastering/Rendering Sand Bulk bags weighing a minimum of 800 -1000kg. Main uses for this produ..

From: £62.49 (EX. VAT)

£62.49 (EX. VAT) | £74.99 (INC. VAT)

Sharp Sand Grit Sand Bulk Bags Jumbo Bags

Sharp Sand Bulk Bag Sharp sand, also known as grit sand, coarse sand or concreting sand, is a coa..

From: £53.50 (EX. VAT)

£53.50 (EX. VAT) | £64.20 (INC. VAT)