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MOT Type 1 Sub Base Bulk Bag Jumbo Bag

MOT Type 1 Sub Base Bulk Bag Jumbo Bag

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Type 1 Aggregate

Bulk bag MOT Type 1 supplied in bags with a minimum weight of 800kg.

MOT (Ministry of Transport) Type 1 Roadstone is the ideal solution for the majority of construction projects when a strong, solid base is required.

Crushed pure granite or limestone. Sizes range from 40mm down to dust to create an easily compacted aggregate. As the aggregate goes from 40mm to very fine material, it ensures there is a minimal amount of voids in the base. This is the most widely used sub-base in the construction industry.

When laying MOT Type 1 sub base, this must be done in layers. Each well compacted before the next layer is laid. 

Benefits of buying MOT Type 1:


MOT Type 1 sub base is a very strong material that can withstand heavy loads. This makes it an ideal choice for areas that will be subjected to a lot of traffic, such as roads and driveways.


MOT Type roadstone is also very durable and can withstand the elements. It is not susceptible to frost damage or other problems that can affect other types of sub base materials.


Type 1 sub base is a relatively affordable material, making it a cost-effective choice for a wide range of projects.


Hardcore Type 1 FAQ:

What can I use type 1 stone for?

• Highway & Road sub-bases
• Driveway, Patio & Path sub-bases
• Hardstandings
• Bridleways
• General fill

MOT Type 1 also provides good drainage properties in areas with heavy rainfall.

How do I calculate how much Type 1 aggregate I need?

You will need approximately 1.9 tonnes to lay a 10m2 base at 100mm thick. If you are unsure of what quantity you require, please use the contact details above to get in touch with your measurements and we will be happy to help.

What price is Type 1 stone per ton?

Based on the price as it is today (28/11/23), 1 bulk bag of type 1 costs £52.70 + £20 delivery ex VAT. Working on the jumbo bag of MOT type 1 weighing the minimum amount of 800kg, the cost per tonne would be £90.88. If 2 bags were ordered then it would be free delivery so the cost per tonne (working on an 800kg bag) would come down to £65.88. When buying in larger bulk load deliveries, the price becomes substantially less expensive as the goods are delivered and tipped loose direct from the quarries.

How are bulk bags delivered?

Typically, type 1 bulk bags are delivered on large crane off load wagons that weigh between 17 - 32 tonnes. These are equipped with a crane that has an approximate reach of 5 metres which can then place the bag in the most suitable position from where is can safely park. If delivery is to a residential address, the wagon usually needs around 3 - 4 car lengths to be able to get close to the kerb for optimum reach. The cranes cannot lift over parked vehicles and there must be no overhead obstructions such as power cables, telephone cables or branches.

If the above delivery method isn't possible, other options such as pallet delivery maybe arranged. This would come at a substantial additional cost though and would need arranging prior to an order being placed.

For full details of delivery charges, returns, colour variations, and discounts please see our delivery & returns policy.

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