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Rockwool Insulation

ROCKWOOL® insulation is the market leading brand for sustainable stone and mineral wool insulation products in the UK.

Acoustic, fire and thermal performance

Relying on trapped air for their thermal properties, all ROCKWOOL® products listed on our site do not contain gases that have an ozone depleting potential (ODP) or global warming potential (GWP). Thermal conductivity values (‘K’ values) on these types of insulation range from 0.034 W/m.K to 0.044 W/m.K. Everything you will find in these categories come with a European fire classification of A1, non-combustible.

A brief overview

Here you will find the most popular of the ROCKWOOL® products that are suitable for use in walls, floor and roofs.

ROCKWOOL® Roll – Provides excellent thermal insulation and also improves acoustics. Suitable to use in all types of buildings and also to overlay ceiling tiles in suspended ceilings.

ROCKWOOL® Cavity – As the name suggests, Cavity is designed to be used as a full fill cavity insulation in masonry cavity walls. Comes in a handy 1200x455mm slab size.

ROCKWOOL® Flexi – A semi-rigid slab with a flexible edge along one side, Flexi slab ensures that a tight fit is maintained with the supporting framework allowing for optimum performance.

ROCKWOOL® RWA45 – Formerly known as ProRox SL920, this product is a semi-rigid slab with a density of 45kg/m3. It is the perfect choice when looking to reduce airborne sound.

ROCKWOOL® RW3 – Formerly known as SL930, this product is a semi-rigid slab with a density of 60kg/m3. Often used when enhanced levels of sound resistance are required.