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Celotex CW4000 Insulation

Celotex CW4000 (replaing the CW3000 range) is an insulation board aimed specifically at partial fill cavity wall applications.

With low emissivity foil facings, CW4000 is manufactured from rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) using a blend of blowing agents that have zero ozone depletion potential (zero ODP) and low global warming potential (GWP).

With Celotex CW4000 you are specifying an insulation board that:

  • Is easy to fit between wall ties using cavity tie clips for retention
  • Comes in thicknesses ranging from 25mm-100mm
  • Comes in conveniently sized boards for installation between cavity wall ties
  • Includes low emissivity foil facings giving improved thermal insulation performance within cavity air spaces
  • Has excellent dimensional stability
  • Provides reliable long term energy savings for buildings
  • Is available in a standard board size of 1200mm x 450mm 


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From: £8.34 (EX. VAT)

£8.34 (EX. VAT) | £10.01 (INC. VAT)

Celotex CW4050 Cavity Wall Insulation 1200 x 450 x 50mm (Pack 11)

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From: £44.29 (EX. VAT)

£44.29 (EX. VAT) | £53.15 (INC. VAT)

Celotex CW4075 Cavity Wall Insulation 1200 x 450 x 75mm (Pack 8)

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From: £45.80 (EX. VAT)

£45.80 (EX. VAT) | £54.96 (INC. VAT)

Celotex CW4100 Cavity Wall Insulation 1200 x 450 x 100mm (Pack 6)

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From: £45.25 (EX. VAT)

£45.25 (EX. VAT) | £54.30 (INC. VAT)

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