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Square Gutter & Fittings

A range of square UPVC gutter in a choice of 4 colours

135 Degree Angle

114mm Square 135 Degree Angle Floplast 135° gutter angle. With pre-fitted lubricated gutter seals..

From: £5.47 (EX. VAT)

£5.47 (EX. VAT) | £6.56 (INC. VAT)

4m Gutter

114mm Square Gutter 4m Floplast square guttering. A practical, easy to install guttering system. ..

From: £12.00 (EX. VAT)

£12.00 (EX. VAT) | £14.40 (INC. VAT)

90 Degree Angle

114mm Square 90 Degree Angle Floplast 90° gutter angle. With pre-fitted lubricated gutter seals. ..

From: £4.86 (EX. VAT)

£4.86 (EX. VAT) | £5.83 (INC. VAT)


114mm Square Bracket Floplast fascia bracket. Should be a maximum of 1 metre apart. ..

From: £1.04 (EX. VAT)

£1.04 (EX. VAT) | £1.25 (INC. VAT)

External Stop End

114mm Square External Stop End Floplast external gutter Stop end. With pre-fitted lubricated gutt..

From: £1.92 (EX. VAT)

£1.92 (EX. VAT) | £2.30 (INC. VAT)

Internal Stop End

114mm Square Internal Stop End Floplast internal gutter stop end. Designed to clip inside floplas..

From: £1.74 (EX. VAT)

£1.74 (EX. VAT) | £2.09 (INC. VAT)

Rise and Fall Bracket

Rise and Fall Drive-In Bracket Rise and Fall Bracket ..

From: £12.41 (EX. VAT)

£12.41 (EX. VAT) | £14.89 (INC. VAT)

Running Outlet

114mm Square Running Outlet Floplast running outlet. With pre-fitted lubricated gutter seals. Ret..

From: £5.33 (EX. VAT)

£5.33 (EX. VAT) | £6.40 (INC. VAT)

Side Fix Rafter Bracket

Side Fix Rafter Bracket Side Fix ..

From: £8.10 (EX. VAT)

£8.10 (EX. VAT) | £9.72 (INC. VAT)

Square to Round Adaptor

Square to Round Adaptor Floplast square to round adapter. Used for connecting square downpipe to ..

From: £8.03 (EX. VAT)

£8.03 (EX. VAT) | £9.64 (INC. VAT)

Top Fix Rafter Bracket

Top Fix Rafter Bracket ..

From: £7.70 (EX. VAT)

£7.70 (EX. VAT) | £9.24 (INC. VAT)


114mm Square Union Floplast gutter joint. With pre-fitted lubricated gutter seals. Retaining clip..

From: £4.30 (EX. VAT)

£4.30 (EX. VAT) | £5.16 (INC. VAT)