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Steel Lintels

IG Steel lintels available to suit a wide variety of applications and loading conditions found in residential and commercial buildings.

At Buildershop UK we have access to the full range of IG steel lintels at highly competitive prices. Whether you require standard, off the shelf lintels, heavy duty, longer length or special shapes we can help.

Heavy duty and longer length lintels

Some of the heavier duty and longer length lintels on the site can take 5-10 working days for delivery. If this is the case, then a full refund will be give without hesitation if you're unhappy with the lead time provided. On some occasions we may offer an equivalent from Keystone, Birtley or Catnic.

Lintel schedules

As an added service, full lintel schedules designed for new build properties and extensions can be provided. Such schedules provide an opening-by-opening guide to which lintel is required. This will give you the piece of mind that the correct loading of lintel is being used for the correct job! All we need is a set of working drawings and your contact details. For larger jobs with multiple lintels, large discounts are available from the prices quoted on our website. You can send plans via the 'contact us' page on our home page.

Which lintel?

Using the correct lintel for your job is extremely important.Using a lintel that doesn't have the correct loading capacity can lead to very costly repairs if the properties masonry starts to fail. IG have a full technical advisory service that will help make sure such costly problems are avoided. If you need more on advice on this subject, please don't hesitate to call 01274 602367 or email at sales@buildershoponline.co.uk where we will be pleased to assist you further.