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70-85mm Cavity Standard Duty

IG L1/S 75 cavity wall lintels are supplied fully insulated. To further minimise any thermal bridging the lintels are designed without a non-continuous thermal break plate. Basically, the inner leaf is warmer as it has no contact with the cold outside leaf.


• Made from high quality galvanised steel

• Built in DPC saves time in construction and means cavity is easy to clean without risk of damage to DPC

• Built in plaster key with staggered slots applied to the inner flange and ribbed underside of insulation

• Non-continuous thermal break plate

These lintels will suit:

Inner Leaf: 100 - 115mm

Cavity: 70 - 85mm

Outer Leaf: 100 - 105mm

IG L1/S 75 Cavity Wall Lintel

IG L1/S 75 Cavity Wall Lintel

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£44.99 (EX. VAT) | £53.99 (INC. VAT)