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Metal Stud & Track

Metal ‘C’ stud and ‘U’ track is the perfect system and cost-effective solution for building non-load bearing partitions quickly and efficiently.

What is Metal Stud and Track partitioning?

Galvanised lightweight steel sections form an easy to use vertical partition stud and track system.

The ‘U’ shaped track is fixed to floors and ceilings with care being taken that they are plumb with each other. The ‘C’ shaped studs are then twisted in the channel to friction fit before securing with 13mm Wafer Head screws. C studs can be boxed to form door and window apertures giving total flexibility in length. If required, insulation can then be placed in the voids prior to the fitting of the final boarding. This is usually plasterboard but plywood can also be used.

Where is Metal Stud and Track partitioning used?

Depending on the type and size of stud and track used it is suitable for most domestic, commercial and industrial situations where a system is required that is both quicker to install and lighter than both timber and block partitions. This coupled with the low wastage factor and cleanliness of construction makes it the ideal choice.


To keep our prices the lowest on internet we have deals in place to supply products from Richter, Libra, SAS Emac, Hill Top, Speedline, Tradeline and Longline. Type supplied would depend on your location. For further details please contact us.

Need assistance or require other internal partitioning systems?

If you require help with working out quantities or simply need advice on which system to use then please contact the team on 01274 602367 or sales@buildershoponline.co.uk. If you require the more specialist partitioning such as SAS System 2000, SAS System 3000, SAS System 4000 or SAS System 8000i then please contact us for highly competitive prices.